MetalSucks Readers Vote on Top Five Nu-Metal Bands

MetalSucks Readers Vote on Top Five Nu-Metal Bands


  • Nu-Metal Resurgence: In 2024, nu-metal has seen a resurgence in popularity, with both older fans revisiting the genre and new generations discovering it.
  • Fan Poll: MetalSucks conducted a poll to determine the top five best nu-metal bands from the mid-90s to early 2000s, based on reader votes.
  • Top Five Bands:
    • Korn: Topping the list with 1,082 votes, Korn is considered one of the original pioneers of nu-metal. Known for their self-titled debut album and continuous influence over the genre, they have maintained a loyal fanbase despite lineup changes.
    • System of a Down: Securing 935 votes, System of a Down is celebrated for their politically charged music and unique style. Their album “Toxicity” remains a landmark in the genre.
    • Slipknot: With 892 votes, Slipknot is renowned for their theatrical performances and distinctive masks. They are likened to the Metallica of nu-metal due to their significant impact and large fanbase.
    • Deftones: Receiving 822 votes, Deftones are noted for their atmospheric and experimental approach to nu-metal. Their albums “Around the Fur” and “White Pony” are particularly influential.
    • Linkin Park: With 558 votes, Linkin Park is praised for their successful debut “Hybrid Theory” and subsequent albums. Despite the tragic loss of vocalist Chester Bennington, the band’s legacy endures, and there are rumors of a potential comeback with a new singer.

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