Serj Tankian: The Heavy Toll of Truth-Telling in Music

Serj Tankian: The Heavy Toll of Truth-Telling in Music


  • Personal Costs of Activism: In a recent NPR interview, Serj Tankian, System of a Down’s frontman, delved into the personal and professional repercussions of his activism.
  • Artist vs. Entertainer: Tankian asserts the necessity of artists expressing truths, even if it means losing fans. He believes that artists should reflect the truths of their times rather than merely entertain.
  • Balancing Act in the Band: He highlighted the tension between his activism and the band’s musical goals, acknowledging that there was always a push and pull between delivering messages and focusing on the music.
  • Heritage and Activism: Tankian’s Armenian heritage deeply influences his activism. He reflected on the geopolitical struggles of his ancestors and the ongoing fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Broader Advocacy: His activism spans human rights, animal rights, and climate justice, driven by a desire to address global injustices.

Tankian’s unwavering commitment to speaking out underscores the challenges and rewards of being an artist dedicated to truth and justice.

Source: Metal Injection


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