BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shatters Records with ‘MONEY’ Music Video

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shatters Records with ‘MONEY’ Music Video


Lisa from BLACKPINK has achieved a monumental milestone with her solo track ‘MONEY’. Here’s the lowdown on this record-breaking feat:

  • 1 Billion Views: Lisa’s music video for ‘MONEY’ has surpassed one billion views on YouTube.
  • Rapid Rise: She is the second member of BLACKPINK to reach this milestone and the third solo K-pop artist overall.
  • Global Sensation: The 2021 release has captivated audiences worldwide, continuing Lisa’s trend of viral hits.
  • New Partnership: Lisa recently announced a new deal with RCA Records for her future solo releases, retaining full ownership of her recordings.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lisa’s soaring career and BLACKPINK’s continued dominance in the music world.

Source: NME


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