Bring Me The Horizon Clarifies Billie Eilish Collaboration Rumors

Bring Me The Horizon Clarifies Billie Eilish Collaboration Rumors


  • Rumors Debunked: At the start of 2024, rumors circulated that Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) might be working with Billie Eilish, sparked by frontman Oli Sykes’ comment on Eilish’s Instagram.
  • Actual Collaboration: The band’s new album POST HUMAN: NeX Gen was released, and the track “liMOusIne” features AURORA, not Billie Eilish.
  • Origin of Rumors: In a recent interview with Daniel P. Carter for The Radio 1 Rock Show, Oli Sykes explained that the confusion began when he commented “limousine” on Billie Eilish’s Instagram. This led fans to speculate that she would feature on the song.
  • Unfinished Track Sent to Eilish: Sykes revealed that BMTH had sent an unfinished version of “liMOusIne” to Eilish through her photographer, who is a big fan of the band. However, it remains unclear if she ever listened to it.
  • Embarrassment Over Speculation: Sykes expressed embarrassment over the unintended publicity, emphasizing that there was no deliberate attempt to generate press through the speculation.
  • BMTH’s Intentions: Sykes mentioned that he thought “limousine” would be a private reference, and was surprised when fans connected it to the live visuals and assumed a collaboration with Eilish.

Source: Kerrang!


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