Jon Bon Jovi Reflects on Vocal Struggles and Future Plans

Jon Bon Jovi Reflects on Vocal Struggles and Future Plans


  • Realization in Nashville: On April 30, 2022, after the final show of Bon Jovi’s U.S. tour, Jon Bon Jovi realized his voice was not what it used to be and decided it might be time to stop performing to preserve the band’s legacy.
  • Vocal Decline: Bon Jovi acknowledged that his once iconic voice had deteriorated, and he did not want to perform at less than his best.
  • Tour Reflection: During the 2022 tour, Jon opened each show with an a cappella chorus of “Livin’ On A Prayer” to prove he could still deliver, though his wife later confirmed it was not as successful as he thought.
  • Final Decision: By the end of the tour, Jon felt he had given all he could and contemplated retirement.
  • Current Outlook: Despite considering retirement, Jon remains active and optimistic. He enjoys his life and continues to engage with his fans and the media.
  • New Album and Documentary: Bon Jovi has a new album titled Forever, and a documentary, Thank You, Goodnight, which chronicles the band’s journey and Jon’s recent vocal challenges.
  • Vocal Surgery: Jon underwent vocal surgery to correct his issues and is optimistic about his recovery, although it requires a long rehabilitation process.
  • Ongoing Efforts: Jon continues vocal exercises and monthly rehearsals with the band to track his progress, showing consistent improvement.
  • Joyful Creation: The new album reflects a relaxed and joyful approach, contrasting with the band’s previous more intense records.
  • Future Plans: Jon hopes to perform live again, with a potential show at Wembley next summer, though he remains content with whatever the future holds.
  • Gratitude and Perseverance: Jon expresses gratitude for his career and remains determined to continue, stating it’s worth fighting to make his voice whole again.

Source: Kerrang!


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