Beyoncé Hit with Copyright Lawsuit Over “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé Hit with Copyright Lawsuit Over “Break My Soul”

Summary: Beyoncé is facing a copyright lawsuit over her hit song “Break My Soul.” New Orleans group Da Showstoppaz has filed the lawsuit, claiming that the track unlawfully samples their 2002 song “Release A Wiggle.” They allege that Big Freedia’s 2014 track “Explode,” which Beyoncé sampled in her song, used elements from their track without permission.

Details of the Lawsuit:

  • Plaintiffs: Members of Da Showstoppaz, including Tessa Avie, Keva Bourgeois, Henri Braggs, and Brian Clark.
  • Defendants: Beyoncé, Big Freedia, Sony Music, Jay-Z, and others.
  • Claims: The lawsuit asserts that “Break My Soul” features lyrics, melody, and musical arrangements from “Release A Wiggle,” making the sampling in Beyoncé’s track unlawful.
  • Legal Filing: The complaint was filed in the Louisiana federal court on May 22, 2024.

Context and Implications:

  • Success of “Break My Soul”: The song has achieved significant success, topping the US singles chart, featuring prominently on Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, and appearing in her documentary film.
  • Compensation Sought: Da Showstoppaz are seeking credit and compensation for the use of their work, as well as future royalties.

Additional Information:

  • Accusations Against Defendants: The suit claims that Beyoncé, Big Freedia, and other defendants have profited substantially from the song without acknowledging Da Showstoppaz’s contributions.
  • No Official Comment: A spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to requests for comment. It appears that the sample from “Explode” was legally licensed, suggesting any infringement might have been accidental.

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