BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy Release New Single “RATATATA”

BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy Release New Single “RATATATA”

Summary: BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy have combined their high-energy styles for a new single, “RATATATA”. This collaboration between the Japanese kawaii metal band and the German metallers brings a vibrant, upbeat track to fans.

Collaboration Details

  • Release: The single “RATATATA” has been released, featuring an equally energetic music video produced and directed by Schillobros.
  • Teaser: Prior to the release, a teaser video depicting a boardroom meeting was shared, building anticipation among fans.
  • Band Comments:
    • BABYMETAL: Described the track as “Unbeatable! Let’s ‘Fu Fu’ together with RATATATA”.
    • Electric Callboy: Expressed their excitement, saying, “Working with BABYMETAL was so much fun. We joined our creative forces and, in the end, we brought together the best of both worlds. We love RATATATA!”

Background: This collaboration follows a successful year for both bands, with BABYMETAL known for their recent collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert, Tom Morello, and F.Hero and Bodyslam.

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