Ozzy Osbourne Reveals His Greatest Fear on Family Podcast

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals His Greatest Fear on Family Podcast

Summary: In a recent episode of The Osbournes podcast, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that his greatest fear is rats. This revelation came during a family discussion on fears, showcasing the lighter and more humorous side of the legendary rocker.

Facing Fears

  • Terrified of Rats: Ozzy Osbourne, famously known for biting the head off a bat, disclosed that rats are his greatest fear. He humorously noted this during a conversation with his family on the podcast.
  • Family Reactions: Following his admission, Ozzy jokingly added that he is also afraid of his wife, Sharon Osbourne, which led to playful teasing from their daughter Kelly and agreement from Sharon.

Family Fears

  • Sharon’s Phobias: Sharon Osbourne shared that her biggest fears are heights and fire.
  • Kelly’s Concerns: Kelly Osbourne mentioned that she is currently grappling with the fear of death, which she feels is pervasive in her daily life.
  • Jack’s Fear Unrevealed: The podcast clip did not reveal what Jack Osbourne’s greatest fear is.

Ozzy’s Interest in Aliens

  • UFO Enthusiast: Beyond discussing his fears, Ozzy expressed his fascination with aliens and UFOs in an exclusive interview with fellow rocker Billy Morrison. He speculated that if aliens are present on Earth, they might be living in the ocean, based on various sightings and his interest in the subject.

The candid conversation on The Osbournes podcast offers a glimpse into the personal lives and humor of the Osbourne family, highlighting their unique dynamics and Ozzy’s unexpected fears.

Source: Loudwire


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