Kerry King Talks New Solo Album, Band Formation, and Love for Pyro

Kerry King Talks New Solo Album, Band Formation, and Love for Pyro

Summary: Kerry King, the legendary Slayer guitarist, recently discussed his new solo album From Hell I Rise on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show. He shared insights into the formation of his all-star band, the challenges faced, and his love for pyrotechnics in live performances.

Formation of the Band

  • Initial Plans: Initially, King did not plan to release the album under his name. He spent four years trying to find a suitable band name but faced legal and copyright obstacles. Eventually, due to impending festival announcements, the album was released under his name.
  • Band Dynamics: King worked closely with drummer Paul Bostaph, akin to their days in Slayer. They rehearsed and finalized arrangements before bringing in other members like Phil Demmel, Kyle Sanders, and vocalist Mark Osegueda.
  • Choosing the Vocalist: King was meticulous about selecting the right voice for the album. He challenged Mark Osegueda to evolve beyond his work with Death Angel, focusing on enunciation and cadence, resulting in powerful vocal performances on tracks like “Residue.”

Challenges and Creative Process

  • Writing and Rehearsals: King described the process of writing music and rehearsing with Paul Bostaph before involving other band members. He emphasized the collaborative nature of refining their sound.
  • Name Challenges: The difficulty of finding an original band name led to the decision to use King’s name for the project. He humorously mentioned having a list of 40-50 potential names that were ultimately unusable.

Love for Pyrotechnics

  • Pyro Passion: King has a longstanding love for pyro in live shows, influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Venom, and Slayer. He believes fire adds an irreplaceable element to heavy metal performances.
  • Stage Production: He expressed a preference for pyrotechnics over video screens, highlighting the tangible impact of fire in creating an intense live experience.

Touring and Future Plans

  • Tour History: King chose to tour with Lamb of God and Mastodon due to their shared history and previous successful tours together. He looks forward to performing and reconnecting with these bands.
  • New Material: King has leftover material from Repentless and From Hell I Rise that he plans to use for his next album. He mentioned having enough songs for a second and possibly third album, with ongoing work to find the perfect opener for the next record.

Stay Connected

  • Album and Tour Dates: From Hell I Rise is out now, and fans can check out tour dates and updates on Kerry King’s official website and social media platforms.

Kerry King’s solo venture marks an exciting new chapter in his career, blending his signature sound with fresh creative elements and powerful performances.

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