James Hetfield Talks Writing New Music During Metallica’s Downtime

James Hetfield Talks Writing New Music During Metallica’s Downtime

Summary: James Hetfield, frontman of Metallica, has been keeping busy writing new music during the band’s downtime between tours. On the latest episode of the Metallica Report podcast, Hetfield shared his activities and inspirations, hinting at new creative developments while the band prepares for their upcoming tour.

What James Hetfield Has Been Up To

  • Missing the Band: Hetfield expressed how much he misses jamming with his bandmates during their time off. “The time off has been pretty fantastic and, at the same time, I miss playing with the guys,” he said on the podcast.
  • Special Performances: He highlighted the band’s appearance at the Gershwin concert honoring Elton John and Bernie Taupin, describing the experience as fantastic and calling Elton John a “beautiful soul.”
  • Enjoying the Snow: Hetfield has also been skiing in Colorado, taking advantage of the abundant snow.

James Hetfield Has Been Writing Music

  • Daily Guitar Sessions: Hetfield emphasized his commitment to music, saying he writes and plays guitar almost every day. “[I’ve been] writing lots of music, playing guitar pretty much every day. I have to. It’s like breathing.”
  • Creative Space: He spends a lot of time in his basement music room, equipped with guitars and a rig setup, where he immerses himself in writing rather than practicing.
  • Inspirations and Influences: Hetfield shared how different music and artists, including his recent interaction with Elton John and Bernie Taupin, inspire him. He contrasted his songwriting approach, rooted in riffs similar to Tony Iommi’s style, with Elton John’s visionary way of seeing music appear from lyrics.

Metallica on Tour

  • Upcoming Dates: Metallica’s M72 world tour resumes on May 24 in Munich, Germany. The band will return to North America in August, hitting six cities.
  • Tour Information: Fans can find all upcoming tour dates on Metallica’s official website.

James Hetfield’s dedication to writing new music during his downtime shows his unwavering passion for his craft, hinting at exciting new material for Metallica fans to look forward to.

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