Sting Kicks Off ‘Sting 3.0’ Trio Tour in Germany

Sting Kicks Off ‘Sting 3.0’ Trio Tour in Germany


  • Tour Launch: Sting launched his ‘Sting 3.0’ trio tour in Dresden, Germany, on May 25, delivering a 22-song setlist.
  • Band Lineup: The tour features longtime guitarist Dominic Miller and drummer Chris Maas accompanying Sting.
  • Setlist Highlights: The show opened with four Police classics: “Voices Inside My Head” (first time played since 2006), “Message in a Bottle,” “Synchronicity II,” and “Driven to Tears.” Sting also performed solo hits like “Fields of Gold,” “Fortress Around Your Heart,” and “Never Coming Home.”
  • Rare Performances: “When The Angels Fall” was performed for the first time since 1992, and “Never Coming Home” returned to the setlist after being absent since 2012.
  • Overall Mix: The setlist included 10 Police tracks and 12 solo tracks, offering a balanced mix of his career’s work.
  • Tour Dates: The European leg of the tour runs until August 31, with North American dates starting on September 17.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock


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