Tony Iommi Responds to Ozzy Osbourne’s Plea for Final Black Sabbath Show

Tony Iommi Responds to Ozzy Osbourne’s Plea for Final Black Sabbath Show


  • Ozzy’s Plea: Ozzy Osbourne recently expressed his eagerness to play one final Black Sabbath show, particularly with drummer Bill Ward, who left the band in 2012 due to contract disputes.
  • Iommi’s Response: Guitarist Tony Iommi responded positively to Osbourne’s plea during an interview on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk, saying it would be nice to do a one-off show, though he wouldn’t commit to a lengthy tour due to his age and the logistics involved.
  • Reunion Speculation: While Iommi acknowledged that people might think the reunion would be for financial reasons, he emphasized that this wouldn’t be the case for them. He remained non-committal, stating, “But whether it happens will be another thing. But we’ll see. I mean, who knows?”
  • Sharon Osbourne’s Statement: Earlier this year, Sharon Osbourne mentioned that Ozzy was planning two farewell shows before retiring from live performances entirely, highlighting that despite his health issues, his voice remains strong.
  • Health Concerns: Ozzy, who has been dealing with health challenges including Parkinson’s disease and multiple surgeries, has retired from touring but still hopes to perform if possible.
  • Iommi’s Other Projects: Iommi recently collaborated with Serj Tankian of System of a Down for a charity project supporting the Armenia Fund’s Artsakh Refugee Initiative.
  • Ozzy’s Aspirations: In addition to his musical plans, Ozzy Osbourne has expressed a desire to win an Oscar.

Source: NME


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