Deicide’s Glen Benton Criticizes AI Artwork Controversy

Deicide’s Glen Benton Criticizes AI Artwork Controversy


  • AI Artwork Backlash: Glen Benton, frontman of Deicide, addressed the controversy surrounding the use of AI-generated artwork, criticizing those who oppose it.
  • Strong Opinions: Benton expressed frustration with the backlash, stating that the rise of social media has given a voice to “all the wrong people.”
  • Defending AI Art: He defended the use of AI in creating artwork, suggesting that it is a legitimate tool for artists and that critics are overreacting.
  • Cultural Commentary: Benton’s comments reflect broader debates in the art and music communities about the role of technology and the democratization of creative expression through digital platforms.
  • Impact on Deicide: Despite the controversy, Benton affirmed that the band remains focused on their music and creative vision, undeterred by critics.

Source: Blabbermouth


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