Kings of Leon Discuss Upcoming Album and Emphasize Enjoyment

Kings of Leon Discuss Upcoming Album and Emphasize Enjoyment


  • Upcoming Album Insights: Kings of Leon revealed details about their upcoming album, focusing on creating music that brings joy and excitement both for the band and their fans.
  • Band’s New Approach: The band members discussed a shift in their approach, aiming to inject more fun into their music-making process and live performances.
  • Caleb Followill’s Perspective: Lead vocalist Caleb Followill emphasized the importance of enjoyment, reflecting on past pressures and how they are now prioritizing having fun as a band.
  • Collaborative Spirit: The band highlighted their collaborative efforts in the studio, working together more closely than ever to produce an album that captures their renewed enthusiasm.
  • Fan Anticipation: Fans are eagerly awaiting the new album, excited to see how this focus on fun and collaboration will influence Kings of Leon’s signature sound.

Source: NME


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