Alex Van Halen’s Gear Auction: A Rock Legacy for Sale

Alex Van Halen’s Gear Auction: A Rock Legacy for Sale

Summary: Backstage Auctions, Inc. has announced The Alex Van Halen Collection, featuring the legendary drummer’s personal collection. Over 350 items, including drum kits, cymbals, gongs, and autographed memorabilia, will be auctioned. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Alex. Proceeds will benefit Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship, a charity supported by Alex and his wife.

Historic Auction Event

Auction Announcement: Backstage Auctions, Inc. has revealed The Alex Van Halen Collection, their most anticipated and historic event of the year. This collection showcases the personal instruments and gear of the legendary VAN HALEN drummer, Alex Van Halen.


  • Iconic Pieces: The auction features over 350 lots, including drum kits, snare drums, kick drums, cymbals, gongs, sticks, mallets, personal items, and autographed memorabilia.
  • Special Items: Standouts include the “5150” tour kit, Alex’s last concert-used 2015 tour kit, vintage RIAA record awards, rare rosewood snare drums, and a piano from the Van Halen family home.

Backstage Auctions Statement

Excitement: Backstage Auctions expressed immense honor in representing Alex Van Halen, noting his influence on aspiring drummers. They hope the auction will bring joy to the new owners of these historically significant items.

Alex Van Halen’s Sentiments

Inspiration: Alex emphasized his commitment to achieving the best possible sound throughout his career. He hopes that passing on his gear will inspire current and future generations of musicians.

Charity Involvement

Beneficiary: A portion of the auction proceeds will go to Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship, which supports at-risk youth and individuals with disabilities through equine-assisted activities.

Personal Connection: Alex and his wife have been long-time supporters of the charity, underscoring their dedication to the cause.

Auction Details

Dates: The auction will open for bidding on June 1 and close on June 9.

For more details, visit Blabbermouth.


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