Brian May Credits Pete Townshend with Inventing Rock Guitar

Brian May Credits Pete Townshend with Inventing Rock Guitar

Summary: Queen’s Brian May has revisited and expanded on his admiration for The Who’s Pete Townshend in a recent social media post. May emphasized Townshend’s pivotal role in shaping rock guitar playing, highlighting the immense influence Townshend had on Queen and rock music as a whole.

Previous Praise for Townshend

  • Original Quote: Brian May previously praised Pete Townshend as “the master of mood change” and “a master of the suspended chord,” noting the innovative use of roaring amplification without noisy feedback.

New Reflections from Brian May

  • Instagram Post: In his new Instagram post, May shared a photo of himself with Townshend, reaffirming his admiration. He reflected on how Townshend’s playing essentially “invented” rock guitar.
  • Influence on Queen: May credited The Who and Townshend for significantly influencing Queen’s goals and songwriting. He noted that he was “lucky enough to be there watching” and that his own playing “owes so much” to Townshend.

Detailed Admiration

  • Rock Guitar Innovation: May elaborated on Townshend’s distinctive style, which included super-amplified, razor-edged chords that delivered powerful rhythmic blows. This style, according to May, was crucial to the evolution of 70s and 80s rock music.
  • Musical Recommendations: To fully appreciate Townshend’s impact, May encouraged fans to listen to The Who’s “My Generation” at full volume. He also acknowledged The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey as a punk icon before the genre’s inception.

Final Thoughts

  • Legacy of Townshend: May’s enthusiastic summation highlights Townshend’s standout influence across generations of rock musicians. He believes Townshend’s contributions changed rock music forever.

Brian May’s heartfelt tribute underscores the profound respect and influence Pete Townshend has had on rock guitar playing, celebrating his legacy and continued impact on musicians worldwide.

Source: Loudwire


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